Our projects are walkable, architecturally distinct, mixed-use, and mixed-income - like the neighborhoods that sparked our urban love affair.

We develop…

For people before cars. In close proximity to public transit, our developments prioritize pedestrians and bikers.

On small parcels. Small scale development enhances architectural diversity in neighborhoods (the would-you-take-a-walk-around-the-block test).

With architectural sensitivity. Our projects draw on their context for inspiration, always using quality materials without being mere replications of the past.

Density at the right volume. Moderate density spurs retail, encourages a low-carbon lifestyle, and actively engages the street.

For high energy performance. When our developments produce energy and consume less of it, our residents – and the environment – pay less.

Using sustainable materials. We consider where our building materials come from and what will happen at the end of the building’s life cycle.


Current projects


Selected prior work

Single Family Home + Accessory Dwelling Unit

Charlotte, NC (18th and Parkwood in Optimist Park)

Rocketship Delta Prep

Antioch, CA / First Net Zero Energy charter school in the US

Rocketship RISE Academy

Washington, DC / LEED Platinum

Rocketship Rising Stars

San Jose, CA

Rocketship United Academy

Nashville, TN

Rocketship Legacy Prep

Washington, DC / LEED Platinum

Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep

San Jose, CA / LEED Ready